What We Do

Often times before a construction project can begin,  certain real estate activities need to take place.  For a road widening, for example, property rights – both permanent and temporary need to be secured. Possibly utility poles or underground utilities need to be relocated. Maybe entire homes or businesses need to be relocated so that the project can be completed.  That is where we come in.   We provide all the “background” work that needs to take place before the “foreground work” – what the public sees – takes place. The right of way services we provide includes real estate acquisition, tenant/owner/business relocation assistance, real estate appraisal, program management, right of way engineering, utility coordination, and related services.

Who Hires Us

Our clients include public and private entities, developers, departments of transportation, major utility providers, and the list goes on.  Anyone needing right of way services is a potential client, and we’ve helped thousands over the years. The clients we’ve served come back to us again and again because they know they will get quality work, and the desired outcome.

OPC: the Right Choice 

With nearly 40 years of experience delivering right of way services; hundreds of partner agencies, and over 100,000 acquisitions and relocations, you know you’ve got experience and know-how on your side.  OPC utilizes the latest technology for the management of project data, documentation, milestones, risk management, subcontractor coordination, fiscal responsibilities, and progress reporting. ProjectOne® is our dedicated online system, created and developed by OPC to specifically address the unique needs of the right of way industry.  Read more about our technology here.

OPC… The national leader in right of way and real estate services.

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“I found OPC to be an excellent firm in the relocation services provided throughout the years. OPC has always maintained a high level of professionalism as well as providing the care and needs of tenants and owners for such services.”

“Overall, I enjoy working with OPC Staff. The Staff I have dealt with have been consummate professionals and very knowledgeable.”

Mohan Char, PhD, PE, Principal, NCM Engineering