Executive Team

Brian Everett

Expertise: Broker with over 20 years of leadership in every aspect of real estate consulting pertaining to right of way, and infrastructure.

Brian's Backstory

Loving husband and father of three, including a daughter, and boy-girl twins.

Loves the backyard bbq, and is great at cultivating meaningful relationships inside/outside of OPC.

Taurean Gordon

Expertise: Breaking down complex issues into simple measurable milestones, identifying strengths in people, doing what his wife says, operational efficiencies, and growing businesses.

Taurean's Backstory

Husband and father of one young prince, and occasional Muay Thai and MMA bad a$$.

A self-proclaimed professional hugger with a love for megalithic structures.

Jamie Lupo

Expertise: Outstanding delivery of right of way for state and federally funded transportation projects, Caltrans specialist.

Jamie's Backstory

Mother of three wonderful children, and grandmother of three gorgeous granddaughters.

Loves to bake, hand-quilt, and hula dance (not all at once).

Paul Blackman, Jr.

Expertise: Commercial real estate development, developing high performance teams, and solving complex public and private sector challenges.

Paul's Backstory

Husband and father of three daughters, life-long learner.

Cooks on the grill year round (to include in the rain and snow). Wants to become good at golf.

Key Leaders

Ray Armstrong

Expertise: Building cultures, bringing teams together, and creating things from scratch. Great story-teller and adept at making stuff up on the fly.

Ray's Backstory

Brought the “O” to OPC almost 30 years ago, married 30+ years, with four grown-up kids.

Drives a ‘69 Camaro, built a ’70 Boss 302 Mustang with his son, and is his wife’s woodshop handyman.

Michele Folk

Expertise: Residential/non-residential relocation under requirements of Fed/State/Local relocation laws and regulations. Relocation Plans, cost estimating, team training and development

Michele's Backstory

East Coast transplant in California, wife and mother to three boys and a rescue dog.

Former zoologist (with Jane Goodall), scuba certified, loves to cook and bake new recipes every week.

Mark La Bonte

Expertise: Right of way and OPC Utility Player (like baseball, not utility coordination), expert in non-residential relocation.

Mark's Backstory

Married to a wonderful wife with three capable/loving children; a recent grandfather (the best)!

Loves to cook, can beat Brian in tetherball (only thing he could beat him in). Go Cal Bears!

Vicky Cook

Expertise: Management of large right of way teams and programs, mentoring to managers. Expert public speaker.

Vicky's Backstory

25 year life partner to retired Social Worker, currently fighting breast cancer (and winning).

Loves sports and was an all-CIF (CA Interscholastic Federation) high school basketball player.

Silverio Garza, Jr.

Expertise: 28 years in engineering, builds sustainable programs, guides project teams, and nurtures raw talent to be the best they can be.

Silverio's Backstory

Enjoys spending time with family and tinkering around his house, always prepared to help someone in need.

Played in the Montreux Jazz Festival and still enjoys playing (collectible) basses whenever he can.

Jamie Gates

Expertise: Energy and Utilities land services management, complex land acquisitions, utility coordination, and developing strong project teams.

Jamie's Backstory

Husband and father of two children.

Likes to snowboard, compete in archery tournaments, and listen to audio books.

Claudia Mendoza

Expertise: 20+ years in Human Resources, has a Masters in HR Management, and holds a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) designation.

Claudia's Backstory

Proud resident of the City of Long Beach, avid lover of music, art, film, food, and adventures.

Loves attending live music concerts, and collecting vinyl records from everywhere she visits.

Tomek Kawka

Expertise: Enterprise architecture, security, business intelligence, cloud computing, systems integration, SharePoint and Office 365 SME.

Tomek's Backstory

Passionate about technology, happily married, proud father of a wonderful, brilliant son.

Enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, (camping, hiking, kayaking), addicted to nature photography.