Project Description

OPC provided relocation program development, planning, and communications controls for the disposition of BHA’s entire portfolio. BHA was approved by HUD in 2010 to dispose of the Public Housing Status of its portfolio and transfer the property to Related Companies of California, to reposition the properties as Low Income Housing Tax Credit Units.

OPC assisted with the development of the disposition application, prepared the program relocation plan, conducted multiple years of tenant outreach, and worked with BHA to engage with, and gain input from, organizations including the NAACP and legal aid organizations.

OPC provided intensive relocation advisory and implementation services to meet the requirements of Federal, State, and City relocation requirements, as well as the City of Berkeley’s Eviction for Just Cause Ordinance. OPC prepared and served Notices of Eligibility, processed claims for moving payments, coordinated commercial moving services, prepared housing referrals for tenants, facilitated landlord interviews and property showings, and provided transportation for tenants, as needed. OPC was also retained by the Related Companies to plan and implement the temporary relocation program for the major rehabilitation of the units.