Project Description

In an effort to create a more walkable and beautiful medical district, the City of Las Vegas is improving Charleston Boulevard to include wider pedestrian walkways, bike paths, regional transportation turn-ins/outs, and landscape improvements including shade trees and street lights.

OPC is responsible for the project management of 28 fee appraisals, 19 sign appraisals, 3 fixture and equipment appraisals, 28 partial acquisitions, 7 Las Vegas Valley Water District easements, 1 billboard acquisition, and a potential of up to 5 business relocations.

A thriving medical district provides a broad range of benefits to its region, including jobs, convenient and effective medical care, the potential for outside investment, and innovation and industry spinoff. Investments in the Las Vegas Medical District would also transform the area, with improved public spaces, more efficient transportation and parking, and an enhanced sense of community and liveability. This will create a world-class Las Vegas Medical District that will provide many benefits to the community.