Project Description

OPC has been involved with nearly every one of the City’s projects including redevelopment (under the former RDA), infrastructure improvement, park development and expansion, and housing development projects. Services included project management and coordination, real property appraisals, fixture and equipment appraisals, goodwill appraisals, property acquisition, document preparation, file and notice preparation, relocation assistance, title clearance and escrow services, environmental analysis and remediation coordination, site (project) cost and location analysis, oil well and mineral rights negotiation, oil well abandonment and clearance, right of way engineering, legal descriptions, surveying, permitting, property disposition and sales, and property management.

We have successfully handled hundreds of projects assigned to us by the City. Some of our more notable recent Acquisition projects include:

  • Tankard Trust – Acquisition that included research and conveyance of multiple oil surface rights
  • Sorenson – Part-take including vacation of an alley and acquisition of part take with curative work
  • Cherry Ave. Widening – Several part-takes with improvements, severance damages and dedications
  • 925 PCH – Acquisition that included escrow coordination involving remediation hold-back

OPC was also involved in projects including the Westside Industrial Redevelopment Project, the Downtown Redevelopment Project, and the Pike Project. The projects included feasibility studies, the acquisition of numerous parcels for industrial development, and the acquisition of approximately 145 commercial, residential and multi-family properties.

Other projects included the Santa Fe Avenue Street Widening Project, West Long Beach Industrial Phase I, II and III, Corner Cuts, and the VOA Senior Citizen Low Income Housing Project. Acquisitions consisted of approximately 150 parcels with both full and partial takes of residential and commercial properties.