Project Description

​A realistic budget is an essential management tool for any project. OPC has a team solely dedicated to cost analysis. Our clients have come to rely upon the timeliness and accuracy of our cost studies. Solid estimates outline probable costs of the real estate and any associated damages, along with a myriad of incidental costs that can be encountered along the project timeline. Understanding associated costs upfront is the key to staying within your budget.

Representative Project: City of LA/Parsons Brinckerhoff, LA Bridge Projects

Quick Facts:

  • Right of way cost estimating for 10 bridges
  • Cost studies used for budget forecasting
  • Intricate aerial and street easement impacts
  • Completed similar to Caltrans R/W Data Sheet format
  • Part take permanent aerial easements with surface rights
  • Involved analysis of impacts to industrial parcels
  • Included LA Metro, LA County, and Caltrans parcels