Project Description

OPC is providing relocation program planning and implementation services to the Housing Authorities of the City and County of Fresno (FH) as they rehabilitate over 400 units of public housing in three cities (Fresno, Mendota, and Orange Cove) in Fresno County, CA.

FH received Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) funds and were awarded Low Income Housing Tax Credits and HOME funds to undertake a major rehabilitation effort on the housing. OPC prepared three separate relocation plans, provided relocation program development consultation to FH, and has been providing permanent and temporary relocation assistance to over 370 households on all three sites. The 370 households include 22 voluntary permanent relocations, which were negotiated by OPC.

The project will be completed in late 2015. Relocation costs for offsite housing, internal reimbursement for FH resources, moving expenses, and other tenant assistance are estimated at $2.5 million.