Project Description

The Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake faced a challenge of relocating  430 residents in units scattered over a 30+ mile area.  OPC (under EJP Consulting’s contract) was hired to provide support for this scattered site public housing disposition project, which includes 82 buildings, 127 units, and 430 residents in total. OPC’s scope is to identify what is required for Phase 1 Relocation Plan, prepare interviews/surveys for households, lead/conduct meetings and interviews with existing households to explain the relocation process and identify available options, and service of notices via certified return receipt mail.

OPC agents are working directly with many families with children and/or tenants with disabilities, which brings challenges when finding replacement housing that can satisfy the needs of the tenants. OPC’s agents are working diligently to find available Section 8 units for the qualified tenants and assisting with the coordination of professional movers.