Project Description

OPC has been providing relocation services for the Housing Authority (HACSB) since 2010. The relocations involved public housing units removed from the Authority’s inventory, and/or that are being transferred to non-profit agencies, such as Housing Partners 1 (HP1).

The Disposition project required OPC to provide relocation and/or advisory services to 334 households located throughout San Bernardino County, of which a total of 85 households have been successfully relocated. This includes 16 Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) tenants.

OPC was responsible for resolving HUD audit findings for a temporary relocation project (Barstow Project). HACSB purchased two Barstow buildings and worked with the County and their property management staff to complete the temporary relocation and adhere to HUD findings. The project involved permanent relocations for approximately 50 tenants, as well as the tracking of 67 cases and the assessment of potential relocation benefits. OPC provided notices to 300 tenants, a majority of which were non-displacement notices.

The Phoenix Apartment project involved the creation of a Relocation Plan and the permanent relocation of 5 households, as well as tracking down potential eligible displaced tenants.

The HOME project involved the disbursing of non-displacement notifications, as well as advisory services to 72 households due to HACSB rehabilitation plans. OPC also provided the Relocation Plan.

The Waterman Gardens, a revitalization project, involves the demolition and new construction of 242 Public Housing units. The project will provide up to 400+ units and is 100% Federally funded. OPC wrote and provided the Relocation Plan.

The Lugonia Avenue public housing project involved the permanent and temporary relocation of 113 SFRs/duplexes. The project is being completed in phases. Phase I impacted 33 households and one pre-school and has been completed by OPC. OPC prepared the relocation plan and provided advisory services to tenants prior to project commencement. Phase II will be performed in late 2014/early 2015.