Project Description

The Integra Property Group solicited OPC to provide relocation services in accordance with Federal and State regulations for 32 individual households, The Group needed to move these households from the Sierra Pointe affordable housing apartment complex in Las Vegas to temporary housing units to accommodate necessary rehabilitation and construction utilizing low income housing tax credits (LIHTC). The proposed activities necessitated that we implemented the relocation services under the Federal Uniform Act (URA).

Upon Notice to Proceed, OPC immediately developed a relocation schedule and phasing plan in accordance with the planned construction schedule and issued statutory General Information Notices (GIN’s) for delivery to all impacted households. OPC mobilized additional OPC agents from outside of Nevada to conduct a public meeting explaining the Project and the relocation process. After the meeting, OPC agents conducted one-on-one interviews with each impacted family to answer questions and determine if there were any special needs or circumstances. It was the desire of the Client to temporarily relocate all 32 households to the same location for continuity purposes, even though rental occupancy rates were below 5% in the Las Vegas area at the time.

OPC was able to identify a large apartment complex in the neighboring area that could accommodate all (32) displaced households for up to 12 months. OPC negotiated leasing rates with the property management company on behalf of the Client and coordinated the timing, delivery, and execution of all necessary rental documents for each household. In addition, OPC was able to utilize their local contacts and engage the services of several moving companies to negotiate a lump-sum rate for moving and packing services that resulted in a favorable per household unit price.

Many of the displaced households were also comprised of children who attended and walked daily to the nearby elementary, middle school, and high school. Despite the proximity of the temporary relocation units, it was determined that it would not be practical for the children to walk to their existing schools, as the temporary housing complex was located just outside of the school geographical attendance and transportation boundaries. OPC engaged the Clark County Commissioner of record for the area and the Clark County School District to make special transportation accommodations for all impacted students, so that they could continue attending their current school without disruption.

OPC successfully relocated all (32) households to their temporary units in a period of less than 60 days from start to finish. As a result, the rehabilitation activities were able to start on time for a substantial cost-savings to the Client. OPC agents were able to provide direct one-on-one contact with each household on a regular basis to provide a seamless relocation experience. We maintained a comprehensive and URA-compliant relocation file for each household, complete with contact notes, statutory delivered notices and claims for all miscellaneous moving expenses.