Project Description

OPC was the main consulting firm for LAUSD’s extensive school site development program. OPC aided the district in its school site selection process by providing many in-house consultants that helped the district with oversight and management of its programs and the preparation of relocation plans, and with the implementation of the new and expanded school site program. In round numbers, OPC helped with 40 school sites, acquired approximately 350 properties, and relocated approximately 2,500 households and businesses. LAUSD relied heavily on OPC’s extensive and experienced staff to meet its goals.

The Bell Area New Elementary School No. 3 project exemplified OPC’s ability to expedite fast-track projects. The project entailed the acquisition of 59 parcels of property for the construction of a new elementary school. The project area consisted of residential, multi-residential, commercial and retail type properties, including three convenience stores, a motel, a printing company, and other retail businesses.

OPC also completed 15 cost estimates for proposed new school sites. Each cost estimate included a study of numerous alternatives to the consultant-selected site. The report included an estimate of probable real estate costs, estimated relocation expenses, possible exposure to loss of business goodwill claims, and all services fees. Working with the school board and community representatives, OPC represented the district in public hearings by providing input into the site selection process. The District provided these assignments to OPC on a sole-source basis due to the trust and performance demonstrated on previous assignments. Most of the individual studies had a turn-around time of less than one week requiring around the clock performance from the staff. This effort is just one example of the dedication of OPC staff to ensuring the success of the client and project.

Overland, Pacific & Cutler has performed on many other assignments for the District ranging from acquisition services, cost estimates, relocation plans, and relocation assistance for LAUSD’s major school construction program. OPC is the “go-to” provider for LAUSD’s real estate service needs.