Project Description

OPC was selected by NDOT to develop and implement a comprehensive right of way program for “Project NEON.” This project further solidified our position as the premier right of way firm with extensive experience managing complex, multi-disciplinary right of way programs under the Design-Build method. Project NEON is a large, multi-phased, $1.5 Billion design-build project identified as critically necessary to mitigate several issues that have resulted from escalating congestion levels. The project extends 3.7 miles along I-15 from Sahara to the US-95/I-15 Interchange. The project will feature a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) connector between US-95 and I-15, direct HOV access ramps at Wall Street, reconstruction of the Charleston Boulevard Interchange, and Grand Central Parkway connector over Charleston Boulevard.

The right of way consisted of 74 acquisitions which resulted in 301 displacements, including 264 residential tenant displacements, and an estimated 37 business relocations. OPC developed and administered a comprehensive right of way program, as well as providing project management, coordination of fee appraisals and appraisal reviews, acquisition document preparation, owner negotiations, residential and non-residential relocation assistance planning and coordination, escrow coordination, and project certification assistance. In addition to these core services, OPC actively engaged with the NDOT management team in providing strategic planning, project scheduling, parcel mitigation analysis, change control, document management, and oversight of a diverse subconsultant team, as well as serving as an active participant on the Project NEON Risk Assessment team.

As with any project of this size and scope, unique challenges are bound to arise. Drawing on its extensive experience with large design-build projects, the team identified several potential challenges and developed approaches to solving them as they occurred. OPC utilizes an established risk management process to assess risks, while monitoring the project to identify potential threats to cost and schedule in advance. OPC has proven itself capable of administering large design-build right of way programs.

Project NEON required several significant acquisitions that resulted in a volume of tenant and business displacements. OPC’s skilled team combined its understanding of the project and its proven ability to put “boots on the ground” to satisfy the project schedule, on-time and within budget.