Project Description

The Gerald Desmond Bridge is a $1 billion replacement bridge that will ensure the future safety of commuters and truck drivers and also protect Southern California’s important role as a major trading hub. The bridge, which is slated to be halfway complete by Summer of 2016, will include three lanes in each direction for improved traffic flow, and emergency lanes on both sides to reduce traffic delays and safety hazards from accidents and truck breakdowns. When completed, the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project will be one of the tallest bridges of its kind in the United States, and an icon for the City of Long Beach, and Southern California.

OPC provides project management, acquisition, relocation, right of way data sheets, cost studies, prior rights determinations, right of way mapping coordination, and right of way certification for the bridge project.

There are a total of 15 complex commercial properties impacted by the Project. The impacted properties include a power plant, an oil operation, a fueling facility, a truck scale operation, and major marine operations. OPC coordinated with the Port and the Port’s design team on developing mitigation efforts to minimize business disruptions during parcel reconstruction.

OPC collaborated with engineers, appraisers, contractors, hydrologists, and legal counsel in completing and implementing mitigation plans. Additionally, OPC prepared partial-take appraisals and managed subconsultant services including fixture and equipment appraisals, goodwill appraisals, environmental consultants, and traffic and circulation studies and surveys. OPC continues to work closely with the Port and its consultants to identify and acquire property rights necessary for the Project.

OPC has and continues to work with Caltrans District 7 to prepare Certification documents and updated ROW Statements. Additionally, OPC collaborates with District 7 and the Port team regarding ongoing title challenges and issues related to future out-granting rights.