Project Description

Acquisition Services

OPC acts as the proactive middleman between the agency and the landowner. We implement good-faith negotiations utilizing an integrative approach for maximum results. Our team members are skillfully-trained in this type of negotiation and have mastered the art of win-win settlements. Benefits of this integrative approach are cost effectiveness and a reduction in project delays (due to fewer court actions and adherence to project scheduling). We provide timely responses to verbal or written inquiries of any property owner, lessee, licensee, occupant, or other holder of a compensable interest, as applicable. We prepare accurate acquisition packages in accordance with the specific locale.

The most important aspect of acquiring property is to establish and maintain a good, respectful, and trusting relationship with the property owner. Great relationships go a long way to ensure a timely, cost-efficient, and fair outcome both for the successful completion of the project, as well as the continued support and satisfaction of the communities it serves. Our goal is always to achieve a “win – win” result for all right of way activities. We take great steps to establish a close rapport and professional relationship, assuring our team is always available to answer questions, calm fears, and give accurate information related to the project objectives, progress, and intended outcomes.