Project Description

OPC prepared a Relocation Plan for The Winthrop on behalf of the development team of Redwood Housing Partners (RHP). OPC’s relocation plan envisioned the temporary relocation of a quarter of the households for an entire year, with the transfer of the remaining households permanently to new units at the property once the development team completed the rehabilitation. RHP then retained OPC in March 2015 to proceed with the relocations in accordance with the approved plan.

Throughout the project planning process, OPC conducted large group meetings, assessed household relocation needs (through one-on-one meetings), identified housing and moving resources, and developed the tools and schedule to deliver the project in accordance with the Uniform Act (URA). OPC developed a database of available housing resources, moving service providers, and emergency housing resources to implement the project.

The OPC team temporarily relocated 46 households to 39 off-site units and seven on-site units. OPC worked with RHP throughout the remaining three phases which was a mixture of on-site temporary relocations, direct transfers, and off-site temporary relocations. Households included families, seniors, mentally and physical disabled, and tenants with substance abuse issues.