Project Description

OPC provided full implementation of the right of way delivery program for this model design-build project along 14-miles of the SR-91 and 6-miles of the I-15. The project is a $1.3 billion investment and impacts over 250 property owners and numerous utilities. Project improvements included the creation of two tolled express lanes, new general purpose lanes, and direct connectors linking SR-91 with SR-71 and I-15.

SR-91 CIP – PA/ED Phase. OPC’s activities started in the PA/ED phase where we provided detailed R/W cost estimates and prepared R/W Data Sheets according to Caltrans guidelines. Such documents addressed the impacts of over 500 properties within 3 proposed project alternatives and 20 unique design variations. Notable complexities included highly complex cost-to-cure remediation strategies and large commercial business relocations. Working closely with the design team, OPC was instrumental in developing mitigation strategies to minimize right of way impacts, resulting in the overall reduction of full acquisitions, displacements, and the decrease in capital costs.

R/W Program Management & Implementation. While the design-build contract was being procured, OPC completed strategic planning for R/W delivery including the formation of project policies, the integration of construction and right of way acquisition schedules, critical parcel mitigation research and strategies, project risk management related to right of way, and facilitation of Caltrans and FHWA early acquisition approvals. OPC also assisted RCTC with open market purchase transactions and developed and implemented a comprehensive early acquisition program. For full-take properties purchased, a project-specific property management, demolition, and site control program was developed to ensure that acquired properties are managed to maximize revenue and mitigate risk for RCTC.

OPC devoted a full-time team to work closely with all involved agencies and firms, through constant, daily communication, in order to ensure smooth delivery and resolution of potential conflicts. OPC helped revise existing policies to improve condemnation processes, reestablishment of payments, and budget/schedule tracking methods. Additionally, through successful program management, OPC was able to implement efficient and cost effective services such as design and construction coordination, schedule and risk management, budget and resource allocation, and various feasibility studies. For this reason (and as a result of successful design-build project implementation) the SR-91 CIP was completed 2 years ahead of schedule with estimated capital expenditure savings of approximately $60 million dollars.

OPC services included acquisition, relocation (both business and residential), appraisal, property management, and demolition, as well as complete program management of all right of way services. These services involved coordination with Railroads, State Parks, Army Corps of Engineers, and the Flood Control District. Unique relocations included large complex commercial businesses, mobile home parks, and storage units.