Project Description

Since 1998, OPC’s “on-call” relationship with SAFCA has made us a major partner providing right of way services for numerous flood control projects in which SAFCA has been involved. OPC has worked on various Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency projects, including their most current and ambitious project, “The Natomas Levee Improvement Program”. The project’s major goal is to achieve a minimum 200-year level of flood protection for the entire Natomas Basin consisting of approximately 28 miles of surrounding levees.

Photo: Natomas Levee Improvement Program

The NLIP has required right of way services for the acquisition of various property rights on over 200 parcels in the basin that are affected by this critical levee improvement project. OPC has provided relocation advisory and implementation services for approximately 30 farms, businesses, and residential occupants that were displaced. OPC consultants also worked closely with the farming community in the basin to negotiate and/or mitigate crop loss damage issues associated with the project.

OPC acquired portions of parcels both in fee and as easements for designated areas and assisted design staff to identify properties suitable for borrow and mitigation sources. OPC was also responsible for obtaining Rights of Entry from, and coordinating access between, the property owners and the numerous consulting firms to perform surveys, geological testing, and environmental studies necessary to complete the design plan. OPC acquired permits to enter on more than 200 parcels for study purposes. Close coordination with SAFCA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and design staff was required.