Project Description

TxDot awarded OPC a Right of Way Acquisition Services contract covering project management and administration, title and closing, appraisal, appraisal review, negotiation, condemnation support, relocation assistance, and disposition of surplus property. OPC has performed on nearly $2M of services under this contract.

SH 146 Red Bluff to south of Galveston/Harris County Line. In close collaboration with several Right of Way Service providers, TxDOT appraised, acquired, and relocated businesses and families for the improvement of State Highway 146 in Seabrook, Texas. Initially, OPC handled only the appraisals and appraisal reviews for 64 properties. Later in the project, TxDOT asked OPC to provide additional services including the relocation of 34 businesses and 2 residential relocations to accommodate the project. OPC’s work on the project has been on-time and within budget.

SH249 Extension, Pinehurst, Texas, Design-Build. Working in advance of the Design-Build Contractor during procurement of a new greenfield toll facility through rural Montgomery County, OPC handled the appraisal, review, acquisition, relocation, and eminent domain coordination for 20 properties needed for construction. OPC also negotiated Possession and Use agreements to provide construction access to the Design-Build Contractor ahead of possession by Eminent Domain or traditional closings. This allowed the contractor to proceed without delay. TxDOT’s Strategic Projects Division provided close oversight of OPC’s activities on the project and all parcels underwent strict quality and compliance controls. OPC’s work on the project was on-time and within budget.

FM 1960 To enhance the safety of this heavily traveled arterial highway, TxDOT approved a project to install additional capacity lanes, sidewalks, utility corridors, and raised center medians to limit left turn movements along this densely populated suburban core. OPC managed the appraisal and appraisal review process (which included the need for Land Planners), conducted acquisition negotiations, provided relocation assistance services, and performed all eminent domain coordination services needed to provide construction access to the State. OPC provided appraisal and acquisition services for 42 properties and relocated 18 businesses.