In-Step with Advanced Technologies

We’ve invested significant resources developing automated systems that keep OPC at the forefront of our industry. The technological advancements we’ve made have helped us offer higher quality of service, greater efficiency of delivery, and has optimized our consistency of performance.

We invest heavily in our Information Technology infrastructure and toolsets to provide ongoing business-process improvements. OPC’s technological industry advantage is provided by our trademarked ProjectOne system.

It guides our agents and managers through to successful project delivery.


OPC’s Program and Project Management System

ProjectOne® is OPC’s dedicated, online system, developed from the ground-up specifically to address the unique needs of the right of way industry. This system utilizes the latest technology for management of our project data, documentation, milestones, risk management, subcontractor and fiscal management, and progress reporting.

The projects we manage follow strict, standardized processes. We create a dedicated site for each one using our ProjectOne® system. This project site stores all of the project related data in an organized and logical way, providing easy access for our project teams. Critical and time-sensitive needs on complex projects can be easily managed through various disciplines and accessed from all of our OPC offices.

The dashboard includes summary views of all aspects of the project. Team members access additional information like parcel information, acquisition or relocation data, milestones, source documents, and more. Managers can use budgeting tools and other project control instruments. Status maps are fully functional Google Maps, including the ability to zoom in on property outlines. The map lets our team access property details just by clicking on the property pin.

ProjectOne® was conceived with superior quality control in mind, giving us a valuable project tool that sets our firm apart from the rest.

ProjectOne® is a registered trademark of Overland, Pacific & Cutler, LLC

Team Collaboration Software – SharePoint – The New Way to Work Together

OPC has the technology, equipment, and expertise in place to provide professional real estate services across many disciplines – to a diverse set of public agencies and private industries.

We utilize Microsoft SharePoint collaboration software, helping our staff work together as a team on our projects, no matter where they are. This platform ultimately simplifies our content management and electronic file sharing. The SharePoint technology has increased our success and program management capabilities, especially important when we’re working on projects with an extensive parcel count.

Sharepoint acts as a server, collaboration tool, portal, enterprise search engine, content management system, and business forms manager. Most importantly, it offers OPC the power to create real value for our clients.

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