North Houston Highway Improvement Project (NHHIP) – Third Ward

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OPC is an Authorized TxDOT Service Provider.

Houston’s Third Ward – Residents Area

Houston’s Third Ward – We are your Relocation Navigators

Providing Enhanced Relocation Assistance Services 

  • Helping you feel comfortable with the relocation assistance process.
  • Assisting you secure documentation to support claims (Drivers Lic., Social Security, Birth cert., rent receipts, utility bills, etc.)
  • Providing you with transportation to search for replacement housing.
  • Assisting you with locating and securing social services.
  • Assisting with your move to a replacement property (including securing moving bids).
  • Helping you make the transition from tenant to homeowner.

Communitywide Services 

  • Preparing and Hosting Financial Empowerment Workshops.
  • Providing training on budget and credit management.
  • Encouraging homeownership through Home Buying seminars.
  • Hosting Health and Wellness Workshops.